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Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are those that cause inflammation in the intestines. One of these is Crohn's disease Wholesale Jose Reyes Jersey , which usually affects the lower part of the small intestine, called the ileum. While Crohn's disease is characterized by ulcerations of the intestines, it can affect any other part of the digestive system as well. Also known by various other names such as granulomatous enteritis or colitis, Crohn's disease is not easily diagnosed since its symptoms resemble those of other IBD. The inflammation causes abdominal pain and often results in diarrhea. Other symptoms include persistent rectal bleeding, weight loss and fever. Crohn's disease causes the intestinal wall to swell, resulting in blockage of the intestine. It causes ulcers that can tunnel into and affect surrounding tissues such as the bladder, vagina, or even the skin. These tunnels Wholesale Wilmer Flores Jersey , or fistulas, can become infected and may require surgery. Crohn's disease also results in nutritional deficiencies resulting from a poor diet or intestinal loss of protein. Patients suffering from Crohn's disease may also develop complications such as arthritis, skin problems, kidney stones, and inflammation in the eyes or mouth. There are various theories about what causes Crohn's disease. The common opinion is that the inflammation in the intestine is caused by the reaction of the body's immune system to a virus. The disease is believed to run in families and affects both men and women. As of now there is no cure for Crohn's disease. Treatment includes measures to reduce inflammation, rectify nutritional deficiencies, and relieve other symptoms. Crohn's disease is chronic and patients may require medical care over a long period, though some may experience periods of remission. Some patients need surgery to deal with blockages or abscesses in the intestine. Patients with Crohn's disease in the large intestine might require surgery to remove their entire colon Wholesale Tug McGraw Jersey , while others only need to have the diseased part removed.Crohn's disease may not reoccur in some patients for long periods of time and they can continue to function normally at work and at home.
Like any other sports game, cricket has its own share of injuries. These injuries can occur during the game or even during practice. While some cricket injuries can be prevented with certain techniques, other can be prevented using cricket protection equipment. Normally the injuries caused by cricket are divided into categories, which is indirect or direct impact.

Indirect impact injuries

Indirect injuries are muscle, ligament and tendon damage that is sustained either during practice or during the game. It can be caused by certain specific activities or movements. Normally it is caused by improper form of warm up. You can avoid this form of injuries with the right form of warm up routine and the knowledge of what causes each injury. If such injuries are caused, you will be required to take ample bed rest or a few painkillers depending on the extent of the injury and the pain. Cricket protection equipment is not required for such injuries.

Direct impact injuries

The direct blow injuries occur when a player is struck by the on field cricket equipment, collides with another player, or even crashes into the boundary fence. These injuries also depend on the position of the cricket player. Therefore Wholesale Tom Seaver Jersey , to prevent such injuries, cricket protection equipment is definitely required. The cricket ball, which is thrown at a velocity of 100 miles per an hour can do serious damage to any part of the body. Most of the injury caused by the ball leads to fractures at the impact on the body. Therefore the ideal protection for such equipment includes the cricket helmets, batting pads and gloves. This can be worn by most individuals, but it is a definite must for the batsman and the wicketkeeper. After the ball, the bail and the wickets are the second equipment that causes bodily harm. The flying bail and wickets can cause damage to the wicketkeeper mainly. To protect against such injuries, the wicketkeeper has special equipment which include cricket helmets, batting pads and gloves that provides protection and flexibility. Other frequently reported impact injuries are fractures of the arm Wholesale Nolan Ryan Jersey , hands and toes, and soft-tissue injuries to the upper arm and thigh, thorax, abdomen and testicles which can be prevented by the chest, abdomen and box guard. In extreme cases, splenic ruptures and fatal cardiac arrests have also known to be caused.

No matter how well you train or play the game, you are always at a risk of getting injured. The best to prevent the above mentioned injuries is to ensure that you follow the proper techniques of play and wear the right protective equipment. While you can easily follow the advice of the proper technique of training, you can always get the right cricket protective equipment like the cricket helmets Wholesale Dwight Gooden Jersey , batting pads and gloves at any cricket store.

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